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Magazine Sections

The oh-so-important details your friends and family need to know

Sections below apply for all magazine titles

Fun Stuff

Stories and tidbits to share

Ideal for a unique wedding program
A picture is worth a thousand words, why not put it on the cover.

Every couple has a great story about how they met. What’s yours?

Wedding Party:
Say a little something about your nearest and dearest.

Childhood Photos:
Let everyone know you have always been cute.

Numbers Game:
Your history told through numbers.

How Well Do They Know You? They may think they know you but let's test if they really do.

Other Games:
Horoscope page for your big day, cross-word puzzle, sudoku.

Practical Stuff

Essentials for your day

Perfect for an original wedding invitation with an RSVP card
Editor's Letter:
Just as an editor would jot down her thoughts to her readers, here’s the place to capture your thoughts & reflections, just for your guests.

Day of Agenda:
Your agenda and timeline of your festivities. This section can be customized as your unique wedding program or invitation.

Maps & Directions:
Let's make sure your guests know where to go and how to get there.

Contacts and Other Crucial Information:
Useful phone numbers, area hotels & recommendations, gift registry, etc.

Top Things To Do:
Yes, your wedding will be the event but why not put together a short list for those that will be around a few days before or after?

Thank You:
If you want to say a little something to the people that made your big day possible.


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